Dangerous Depths

Dangerous Depths ebook coverDangerous Depths  Book 3 of the Hannah Sampson Underwater Investigation Series.

Trying to save an endangered species doesn’t normally target one for extinction.  But homicide detective Hannah Sampson has her doubts when Elyse—her close friend and neighbor—dies from a fiery boat explosion.  The local police believe she committed suicide.  But Hannah knows that Elyse—a staunch environmentalist—was too dedicated to preserving life to take her own. But if Hannah is going to hook her friend’s killer, she’s going to have to chart her own course—and make sure that her deep sea forensics don’t get her in way over her head…

Fast-paced thriller…that explodes onto the opening page.  By the end of the first chapter, Brandt’s heroine is breathless and the reader is hooked.–Diver Magazine

A plunge into intrigue.  Brandt is in her element as underwater sleuth.–The Denver Post

Chapter 1